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As a mother I understand that sometimes, especially in the early days, life can be tough. Sleep deprivation can make looking after a baby seem overwhelming. Sometimes all that is needed is  some well-earned rest to get you back to feeling like yourself again. As a  night nanny I can guide your baby into a good sleeping and feeding routine. If you are still breast-feeding but it takes time to resettle your baby during the night I can take over so you can go to sleep. If you have more than one baby I can help support you and get your babies into a routine so that everyone in the family is getting the sleep and attention they need.


I can also offer support if you are in need of a short break away with friends or family, or have to go away with work, I can come and look after your children ensuring they are settled and well cared for.

Night Nanny Costs

Night nannies are self-employed and are responsible for paying their own tax and national insurance.


Please call me directly or email me and we can discuss exactly what you require and how much it will cost.

Typical night nanny duties include:

  • Preparing and sterilising bottles.

  • Settling your baby to sleep.

  • Night feeds.

  • Nappy changes.

  • Offering help and advice on getting your baby into a good sleep routine.

  • Dressing your baby in the morning.

  • Normally a night nanny will arrive at your home at 9pm and leave at 7am, although other arrangements can be accommodated.

Night Nanny Services