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If your child is over 6 months old I can offer you sleep training.  I am experience and trained to help with persistent sleep problems from helping a child settle in their own bed, to sleeping through the night, to dealing with night terrors, head banging and sleep apnoea.


There could be many factors why your baby isn't sleeping and you have done the right thing seeking help while your little one is still young as it is a lot easier to turn around, the younger they are.  I want to reasure you with a little help, his/her sleeping habits can be fixed.  Often my clients, who have come to me, have all the books about sleep training - this is very daunting as there is a great deal of information out there and it is hard to see which method is right for you.  My clients also feel that they need some expert advice, as no baby is the same.  As a sleep consultant I will tailor a sleep plan to you and your baby.  As well as discussing any concerns or issues you may have.


Sleep training is a lot more affective and successful when it isn't the parents doing it a alone, which is why having a sleep trainer is worth while if you are having trouble with your little one not being able to self settle and/or get into a better routine as I can help implement the sleep routine.


The  first step is for us to meet.  This initial meeting, which will last for approximately three hours, gives me an opportunity to find out more about your child, observe the bedtime routine, if appropriate, and gives you an opportunity to outline any concerns or problems you might be experiencing. After this meeting I will give you a programme of action to help you get your child into a better sleep pattern.


Some parents struggle or just want more support.  In which case I will stay with you for the whole night.  I carry out your chosen sleep training method myself or if you wish to do it yourself I support and guide you throughout the night.


If you prefer the programme can be carried out by myself.  It normally takes 3/4 days to guide your child into a new sleep routine.



Sleep Training Services

Sleep Training Services

I offer nap time consultaions - during this session we discuss routines, self sooth techniques, as well as any other concerns or advice you need.  After the session I also offer email and phone support if needed.


My most popular service is an over ngiht stay.  With this package I come to the house at tea time.  We talk over your child's routine and discuss sleep training techniques and what I think would be suitable for you and your child based on the informaton you have shared with me.   I stay for the duration of the night, resolving the issues you may be having.  After the session I also offer email and phone support if needed.


For prices, please call me directly or email me and we can discuss exactly what you require and how much it will cost.