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Birth Doula and Postnatal Doula

As a doula I offer practical and emotional support during pregnancy and beyond.  'Doula' is an Old greek word meaning 'a woman servant or caregiver', but a doula refers to a 'birth partner' or a woman companion who is there to offer practical and emotional support to mums (and dads too!) before, during and after childbirth.


I aim to empower mums-to-be or new mums, to inspire calm and confidence, and in doing so achieve a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience of birth and beyond for the whole family.

As the birth of your baby approaches, you may be excited or nervous and have lots of questions.  Your birth doula is there to support you (and your partner) before, during and after your labour and birth, and to help you embrace the whole expereince with calm and confidence.


Research from Doula UK shows that constant support during labour and birth can result in:


- 60% reduction in epidural requests


- 50% reduction in caesarean rates


- 40% reduction in forceps delivery


- 30% reduction in analgesia use and 25% shorter labour


Doula Costs

Birth package from £1500


Postnatal support From £25 p/h

Caroline the sleep consultant

07810 865518


Giving you the support you need, when you need it

Covering Harrogate and North Yorkshire



Postnatal Doula

The first few weeks of motherhood can be a joyous and exhilarating expereince; however the reality for many families is that it can also be a busy and tiring time.  


A postnatal doula enables women to enjoy the early stages of motherhood by relieving some of the stress. Drawing on a wealth of experience, our doulas offer emotional support following the birth, as well as practical help around the house.


Postnatal doula duties include:

- newborn care

- breast feeding support

- looking after the baby while you rest

- cooking meals

- laundry

- supporting siblings

- grocery shopping

- light housework

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