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“Thanks for your support. Having a baby that now sleeps 12 hours straight is awesome! Should have contacted you earlier”.



“Caroline was fantastic and gave me the reassurance and guidance I needed to get my 6month old sleeping through the night. She was happy to answer all my many questions before the visit. I felt totally at ease and now also have a better daytime routine so Baby and I are much happier. Hugely recommended” (Gemma Bull)


“My evenings have completely changed since Caroline came to stay for 2 nights. My 1 year old daughter didn’t like going in her cot and wanted to me to rock her to sleep, she woke up throughout the night screaming and only settling if we co-slept. Now I put her down at 7 and that’s it until the morning. It’s amazing to have our evenings back. The whole process took about a week and I wish I had tried sooner. Thank you Caroline” (Rachel Dowsett)


“Exhausted, emotional, nervous about each and every night is how I will never feel again and what a feeling that is after 15 months!

Caroline was brilliant, friendly, calm, confident, experienced and after just two nights my son who hated his cot and screamed to the extent he would make himself sick now goes down without even a whimper.

I have my life back and don’t dread bedtime or nap time anymore! Thank you xx” Penny, Sleep training


"Caroline’s given us our lives back, we have a whole evening together which is amazing!! Thank you for giving me the confidence to do it,  Caroline was with us for two nights.  By the third night I just laid my son down at 7pm and by 7.04 he was asleep, no crying at all!  Thank you again". Guildford


"Caroline has been a game changer for us. Our four month old son was waking multiple times in the night and although controlled crying was working at times, I couldn’t work out when he was genuinely hungry compared with wanting milk for comfort. I was worried I was sometimes leaving him to cry when he needed me and getting up to him when he should be left! I really appreciated that Caroline had a long phone chat with me before we arranged her visit so that she could understand exactly what MY baby needed and explain how she could help. Caroline’s support empowered me to implement a realistic and sustainable sleep routine that I can control and includes just one feed between 7am and 7pm. I couldn’t recommend Caroline more highly". Sarah - Dulwich


"Caroline spent 2 nights with our 9 week old twins and has helped to drop a night feed and taught us how to self settle amongst other useful tips - saving us so much time! Caroline is very professional, warm and a real godsend to a new family. We will definitely use her again." Sarah - Milford


"Although he’d started sleeping through the night, for the last few weeks our 4months old was waking up every 2 hours during the night, he wasn’t napping well or feeding well. We were exhausted and didn’t know what to do! Luckily a friend suggested looking for a sleep consultant and we found Caroline!

She spent 2 nights with us and was FANTASTIC! She guided us through how to encourage Leo to self settle for naps and bedtime and gave us the confidence to stick with it. She is so calm and knowledgeable, I felt like our family was in very good hands! She put us at ease straight away and it was a pleasure to have her in our home.

After just 1 night Leo was self settling for all naps within 15mins and after 2 nights he is self settling within 3 mins! He now sleeps 7pm-7am with only one night feed. Caroline also gave us a very simple napping/feeding routine for the day and gave me some great advice which has helped to sort out Leo’s feeding problems.

I can’t recommend her enough!! Wish we had contacted her sooner!" Caroline - Guildford


"Caroline spent two nights with us to help sleep train our 14 week old breastfed baby who was waking up 3 times a night between 7pm - 7am. They key was to teach him to self settle and Caroline patiently coached us through both nights. Our baby dropped 2 feeds immediately and now only feed him once between 7pm - 7am which is amazing! Caroline took the time to understand us and what we wanted to achieve and tailored her approach to meet our needs. She was a pleasure to be around and gave us the confidence we needed to train our little one. She also answers all our questions very kindly! Both my husband and I would highly recommend her. We really appreciated her help." Jade - Battersea


"We went from having a baby who woke every 45 minutes to a baby who slept through the night within a week of Caroline staying with us (AND he had a horrendous cold, so I'm sure it would have been even less time if he wasn't ill!). Caroline spent two nights with us, and she fitted into our family extremely easily - it was like having an old friend staying! I would say that she enabled and empowered us to sort out Max's sleeping rather than imposing views or regimes on us - she was very flexible in how we approached the sleep training, taking the lead from how Max and I were responding at each stage. I very much felt that she was drawing on a wealth of experience rather than a textbook in the way that she helped us over the two nights. Caroline has also kept in touch since, supporting with a couple of follow up questions I had over the subsequent weeks. All in all, I can't recommend her highly enough - I felt like myself for the first time in months after her visit. My only regret is that we didn't contact her sooner!" Sophie - Ealing


"Caroline has been a godsend. We were really struggling getting our 7 month old son to sleep on his own and were close to breaking point. Caroline’s support helped him to sleep soundly in his own bed after just a couple of nights. Can’t recommend highly enough!" Jo - Guildford


“After 7 weeks of virtually no sleep and trips to the hospital as our little boy had an infection and then bronchiolitis we were near breaking point! We were recommended Caroline by a friend and asking for her help was the best decision we ever made! She made us feel completely happy and safe from the moment we met. Our little boy took to her straight away. After that first full night of sleep I felt incredible like I could take on the world!! Caroline came to us twice a week for a month until our boy started sleeping better. We are eternally grateful to her for rescuing us and offering great advice too. I would thoroughly recommend her and have done to friends!” Lucia willson - Milford


‘Caroline is a miracle worker! She has been absolutely brilliant.  She came in and helped get my baby into a routine, and the difference is incredible.  She is still solely breastfed, which I am keen to maintain, but has gone from waking every two hours, to sleeping a reliable 10 hour stretch at night, which is fantastic. Half the things Caroline suggested, I would never have thought of doing but the difference is amazing.  She has gone from being a baby who was often unsettled day and night to being such a happy and contented baby.  I will definitely use her again – she was just wonderful and I can’t recommend her highly enough.  She is really personable; not imposing in the slightest and always listens to what you have to say. She has worked in all aspects of childcare and with so many babies that she has a wealth of knowledge.  And of course she has two young children of her own as well. My only regret is not meeting her earlier! She is amazing.’ Additionally Care gave me to following reference on email: ‘Caroline in a miracle worker! After being born with a tongue tie, we had a rocky start with our Daughter’s feeding and sleeping routine.  After 12 weeks of feeding every 1-2 hours and severely broken sleep (she was also waking every 1-2 hours during the night), I was suffering debilitating weekly migraines, having one a week due to the sleep deprivation, and was at the end of my tether. I initially booked Caroline for 2 nights per week for 3 weeks to give my Husband and I some much needed sleep.   I also booked some daytime hours so that she could spend a good period of time with us to observe a typical day and night and offer some suggestions for a routine. As a qualified Doula and Nanny, Caroline’s experience was invaluable and her suggestions were simple but extremely effective.  Not wishing to tempt fate, but our Daughter is now sleeping through the night and is much happier as a consequence, as are my Husband and I! Caroline was extremely supportive every step of the way – especially when we began a very brief stint of safe, controlled crying.  She is incredibly personable, an easy listener and great company. My only regret was that we didn’t book her sooner!’ Cate


“Caroline has been looking after our daughter 3 nights a week on a 'night nanny' basis from 2 1/2 weeks. She has been a great help to both us and our daughter and with Caroline's hard work and experience has developed her into a very contented baby.  Caroline is always very professional, kind and caring and goes over and above what you would expect from a 'night nanny'. In addition, most importantly, we trust Caroline implicitly with our daughter.  Due to Caroline's vast experience she has given us a number of tips and good advice which have also helped in our daily routine and development as a family.  We would thoroughly recommend Caroline and I don't know how we would have got through the last 10 weeks without her!” Laura - Tadworth


‘Thank you very much. The 3 best nights we've had for a long time. By the second night, Theo didn't wake at all until 5.45 am and last night he had 1 dummy call and then slept through to 6.30am. Most importantly I feel confident and ready to confront a night time situation much better - in terms of controlled crying. ‘


“Caroline began working for me  as a maternity nurse when we lived in Surrey for my baby who was a newborn at the time.  Caroline was very reliable and always happy to help in any way possible. She was very calm and never got flustered when my baby cried or woke in the night.   Caroline helped during the day with routines and always very good at settling my baby back to sleep.  As her mother herself I found her knowledge and education very helpful.

Caroline was happy to work as often as I needed her and I always felt like I could rely on her.  She was very well presented at all times and always left her room and the baby’s rooms and toys tidy.

I would strongly recommend Caroline for either maternity nursing work or night nanny work as she was brilliant at both. She has a real way with babies. “ Kelly Healie


‘Caroline worked for us as a Night Nanny for two nights. We found her to be gentle, caring and very efficient. She is highly qualified and had a very calm, knowledgeable way about her. I would strongly recommend her to other families.’ Phi Briggs


‘Caroline has been brilliant. She’s really lovely and the nights have gone well with her.’ Muna


‘When we found Caroline, our daughter was waking 8 or 9 times every night and she simply wouldn’t self settle, and wouldn’t sleep in her cot. I was pregnant with my 2nd child and simply couldn’t cope with the sleepless nights so we took Caroline on for a run of nights – I can’t recall whether it was for 4 or 5 nights in the end. Caroline was lovely and the nights went really well with her. She got us to the point where we saw a huge improvement and we were very impressed with Caroline. Our daughter reacted really well to her. Caroline is also lovely to have in your house – she doesn’t impose in any way and she is such a useful source of advice and help on anything to do with babies and children. Although there was controlled crying, it was very much that – our daughter was not just left on her own, Caroline was with her and the nights were successful. She helped us improve the routine and get back on track. We did end up having Caroline back again a couple of months later after we’d been on holiday and our daughter had become ill and slipped back into bad habits but she managed to get us back on track again.’” Anna


‘Caroline really helped us.  She gave us some good pointers to help with our daughter.  We had reached the point where we were both just exhausted and couldn’t see the wood from the trees. We now feel we have the benefit of some clarity from Caroline.  She is excellent and has told us how we can move towards a better routine with our daughter. Thanks again, Caroline has been great.’  Emma


‘Having given birth to my beautiful daughter, it became clear - whilst in hospital! - that she couldn't settle!  For the first 3 months, we battled with attempting to lay her in a Moses basket or the carrycot from her pram, on our bed.  Nothing worked.  After 3 months, I gave up, telling myself both she and I needed some quality sleep, so I took her into bed with me proper.  In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with co-sleeping, but 3 months later, it dawned on me that I'd trained my daughter into falling asleep on the breast whilst laying down next to me and that was the only way she knew how to sleep.  There was no other way she could settle for a morning or afternoon nap, nor at night times!!  I'd lost control of the situation and had no time to myself or with my husband.  This is where Night Nannies helped!  From the start, Caroline discussed the situation with us and we agreed on our plan of action.  It wasn't easy, but having someone with the knowledge and experience sitting in our own home and helping us through the evening and nights, helped us stick to our plan.  It took only 4 nights for our daughter to settle into her cot.  She still cries sometimes, but I have the conviction to stick with it as I know she's proved to me that she can do it.  Caroline has a gentle manner and is keen to develop a plan of action with you, rather than dictate what should be done.  I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Caroline to anyone who needs the support. ‘Kirsty


‘Caroline has been great. Tommy has been a bit difficult at nights and Caroline given us lots of useful advice on controlled crying and tips on sleeping. She is really lovely and easy to talk to and has also been very supportive and caring towards tommy and me and has taken care to tailor her advice to our particular circumstances. I'd definitely recommend her and use her again when I'm back in Surrey.’ Jo


'Caroline looked after our son during a course of a few weeks. We were at a breaking point, having very little sleep and also being unsure about how to approach our son’s feeding issues. He was born two months early and transitioned from tube, to bottle and then to breastfeeding. He however became a frequent feeder after our health visitor suggested ‘on demand feeding’. Caroline enabled us some needed night sleep and also advised us on how to approach our son’s daily routine, how to structure better his feeding times and how to approach any required sleep training. We would recommend Caroline to others as she is knowledgeable and very good with babies'. Marianna


"When we first called Caroline, our daughter was 8 months old. She is a breastfed baby and in order to get some sleep, we had caved into allowing her to sleep in bed with us when she woke up, which would inevitably be before midnight. This meant sleep since she was born was very interupted and on reaching the point of exhaustion, we called Caroline. When she said she thought we could get our daughter to sleep through after three nights, we didnt think it possible but after the second night our daughter did a whole night with out waking and continues to do so! Caroline was fantastic at encouraging us to install a routine and giving us the confidence to leave her to cry a little and not rush to her. Ever since, she has slept well and our lives have been transformed. Our daughter now goes to sleep within seconds of being laid down of an evening and is a much happier little girl by day too. We wish we had called earlier.” Sabrina.







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